QA/ Managed Services

Comprehensive suite of quality testing solutions and tools to help you build business value.

The team at Adva Digital can help you with the software testing services that are second to none. We take complete responsibility for improving the TAT, cost and quality of the solutions that you have on offer to your clients. End result? A product that will not only enhance your business value but add to your bottom line as well.

How are we different?

  • Using a strategic testing plan that suits your goals the most, we can cover almost any type of software testing needs.
  • Know what to expect through a service level agreement that outlines the KPIs and eliminates the risks associated.
  • A team of experienced and knowledgeable software testers to replace your existing staff and reduce operational costs by up to 60%.

Advantages of Adva’s QA/ Managed Services

Reduced Overhead costs

With eliminated needs for an in-house team to manage and handle your QA and testing services, you cut down on costs for maintaining an infrastructure, purchasing tools and training. This in turn helps you reduce overhead costs significantly.

Predictable expenditure

Get complete visibility into the costs and spends that you’ll need to incur through an agreement that mentions the Key progress indicators and explains exactly where your revenue is flowing to.

Reduced OpEx

Every business looks for opportunities to reduce OPEX. However, reducing them needs a defined strategy that comes to life with our team’s brainstorming capabilities. Since staffing, tooling and approach are handled externally, outsourced managed services to Adva will help you improve your business's fiscal health significantly.

High Vendor Accountability

With QA/ Managed Services, the vendor has access to the best resources and an efficient team. This helps solve problems within the given parameters and time constraints. The vendor can also add fractional hours of expensive and higher resources along with additional team members if required.

Looking for a team to entrust your QA/ Managed Testing Services? Look no further than Adva!

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